Its Simple!

Just be yourself. Have fun. We'll go to work for you to capture your special day. 

We'll create a video that full expresses the beauty and essence of the day. Fully edited with soundtracks to make a video that you can watch over and over. 

Wedding Videography Portfolio

Megan & Kellen’s Wedding. Social Media Reel.

Jennifer & John - After Ceremony and Reception Introductions Clip.

Alaa & Raheel’s reception Highlight Reel

Julie & Craig Wedding Trailer

Kerry & Nathan Wedding Trailer

Tonya & Ron Cake & First Dance Clip

Candice & Jay Intro to Wedding. Pre-ceremony up until Wedding Ceremony Clip.

Mary & Jeremy Wedding Vows. Example of clear audio for wedding vows during a ceremony. Wireless microphone attached to groom.

Julie & Patrick Pre Ceremony Clip. An example of coverage and editing for the pre-ceremony part of a wedding.

Showing history here with Kelly & Jeff's wedding video intro. First professional wedding video created in October 2004.

Melissa & Josh: Cake & First Dance Clip

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